Is certified True Copy Require To Start A New Healthcare Business In Singapore?

As you know Certified true copy means a certified copy of the original document which includes a stamp and seal by a person(Notary) who allowed to take declarations. Basically, certified true copies are the copies that shows identification like driving license, birth certificate, driving license that is generally used when we apply for immigration and other citizenship based documents. These kinds of documents are used in different-different purposes like government officials, court purposes, commercial purposes, and many more. In various industrialized countries, Singapore healthcare has a unique identity. To start the health care business in Singapore you should aware of what kinds of documents required. In the health care profession, you should need the registration firstly which is the most essential need.

If you are going for registration of your healthcare business then you should need to understand the healthcare system basically it is classified into two categories(a) statutory board (b)institution(private and government) .

If you want to use your health care license, want to apply for a healthcare license in Singapore govt or for court purposes then you must require a certified true copy of your identification document. Basically, audit branch audit licenses the pharmaceutical manufacturer, importer, and wholesale dealers in accordance with international GMP and GDP standards respectively.

Steps for starting a healthcare business:

If you have decided to  start the healthcare business  here are

the following steps are given below that is very  useful to start a health care business

1. Create what is your business plan:

If we discuss about the create a business plan for your healthcare business basically it involves the executive summary, company description, services, marketing plan, management, operational plan, financial plan and many more

2. For license, it is compulsory to register your company with your state for  receive payment

3.Obtain Medicare, Medicaid  certification

4.Hire a great staff that represents  your healthcare business

5. Get your client

6.Create a solid financial plan that is very  helpful for your healthcare business growth

How can I get a certified true copy translation of my business?

For legalize (Singapore candidates):

If you use your documents abroad for the business or other purpose then your original document needs to be notarized and legalized that is also referred to as getting a certified true copy. For hard-copy of the Singapore govt-issued documents like passport marriage certificate and other. To represent your document for legalization, you can contact at the ministry of foreign affairs. and you can also take help from the high commission if you are going to use your document for legalization. Basically, for business the profile of business generated by the accounting and corporate regulatory authority(ACRA).

For legalize (foreign candidates):

If your document is not issued by the Singapore govt then you need the following steps

1. Firstly, Notarize the document

2. Now, bring the document to SAL for authentication who notarised the document who notarized your document

3. If your document is a commercial document then it is certified Singapore manufacturing federation or  chamber of commerce

4. For legalization bring the document to  MFA.

What kinds of documents are used for legalization?

For the legalization, you should bring the identification documents(ex passport, NRIC) , original documents and photocopies (if needed)


Additionally, if we discuss the Singapore healthcare industry that has an array of opportunities to boost its economy for cast based on calculation indicates a likely inflow of people from all over the world. As per the survey, the Singapore healthcare division grows rapidly because it has huge opportunities for new entrants. In 2030, the expenditure of the healthcare industry is expected to triple, from $17 billion in 2013 to $44 billion. Singapore is providing great opportunities to private enterprises to associate and work with public sector institutions, clinical research units. However, to license your healthcare business the translation services Singapore are grand use for complete the Singapore official’s need.

Is Translate Chinese To English Require To Get A Certificate Of Origin?

In the following piece, I will talk about the certificate of origin which is one of the crucial elements of international trade. It includes a declaration by the manufacturer, producer, supplier, exporter and other competent person. Certificate of origin means that specific information of goods like name of country, manufacture, producer, etc. The concept is used in a broader sense that includes the self-certified certificate of origin. This document contains an affidavit to prove the origin of imported goods. Such kind of documents is used for custom or foreign exchange purpose. Hence, translation has a unique importance to clarify all the details regarding the goods. If your certificate of origin printed in Chinese and you want to use it further for official work then you need to translate Chinese to English. This certificate is certified by a consular office or chamber of commerce.

How many types of certificate of origin?

1.  Non- preferential certificate of origin: Such kinds of documents are used to satisfy your buyer that which products exported are wholly obtained, produced, and manufactured in Singapore.    

 2. Preferential certificates of origin: Preferential certificate of origin, basically it is a document that can help improve the competitive edge of your export by enabling your buyer to claim preferential tariff treatment.

How can I obtain a paper certificate of origin?

To obtain a paper certificate of origin here are the following steps given below

1. First of all, fill an appropriate affidavit and have it notarized

2. Provide either a manufacture invoice or commercial invoice indicating where your goal is manufactured.

3.Complete the certificate of origin document

4. Take your notarized affidavit, certificate of origin document, and corresponding invoices. The email of the document that you email indicate which documents you would like to be stamped.

Can I obtain an electronic certificate of origin?

Of course yes, you can obtain an electronic certificate of origin. If you want to get a certificate of origin online then you should need the documentation online and get the electronic certificate of origin (eCO) which is stamped by the chamber of commerce. To get the electronic certificate you can save your time as well as delivery and courier charges also. This certificate is issued by certificate staff accredited by the international chamber of commerce.

Who issues a proof of origin?

The issues of a proof of origin vary depending on the size of procedures applicable. A certificate of origin is issued by the competent authority of the exporting country. The self-issued certificates of origin are issued by manufacturer, producer, exporter, importer.

What is free trade agreements?

The free trade agreement is a multinational agreement according to international law to form a free trade between the cooperative states. It determines the tariffs and duties that countries impose on export and import to reduce or eliminate trade barriers.


In short, the certificate of origin is essential for import customs clearance. This document certifying the origin of the country wherein the export goods are procured and manufactured. Hence, to getting the certificate of origin or understanding the import/export invoice and other details the certified translation services are grand use. It completes the Govt. and other organizational needs correctly.

Is Certified True Copy Used For Housing Board Development Build-To-Order (HDB BTO) Application In Singapore ?

If you are going to  apply for Build-To-Order(BTO) which is a housing and development board flat allocation system. It offers the flexibility of timing and location for owners who want to buy new HDB flats. The BTO scheme is introduced by the housing and development board(HDB). This scheme announces by HDB every four months. If you want to purchase a new HDB flat then your document passes the various stage of purchase like registration and selection, signing of the agreement for lease or collection of keys respectively. Before they apply for HDB BTO you should need the certified true copy of the identification document like passport, birth certificate, identity card, and other documents required. It will determine that the translated document is genuine and identical to the original document.

In which case you will need a Power of Attorney?

Basically, the need a power of Attorney here are some examples which include

1. If you are going to buying or selling HDB flats

2. Buying a Build-to-order(BTO) flat

3.Sub-letting a HDB 00flat

How can buy a flat from HDB?

To purchase flat from HDB there  are following  steps are given below

1.Sales launch: All the information you can easily get the newspaper and the HDB web portal where flats will be can also find the location, indicative price, preliminary design, and other relative information. You can also enquire the eligibility, eligibility for a loan, and cost related to purchasing like legal fees, resale levy, renovation cost, home protection information.

2. Apply: To submit the flat application online you HDB official’s website during the 1 week application period.

3. Receive outcome from an application: After the end of the application period, HDB will ballot all the applications and also inform the result of their application. After the result has announced, you can also check the status of your application.

4.Book flat: According to the balloted queue position, you will be invited to book a flat. To examine the availability before attending the appointment.

5.Sign agreement for lease: If you are obtaining a house loan from the bank then you have to submit an offer letter.

6. Collect flat keys: For BTO flats, you will collect the keys to your flats in about three years.

What kinds of documents do you require for registration and selection?

If we discuss the document requirements for registration and selection. You must bring the following documents

1.Passport for non-citizens

2. If you are working national services under the Singapore armed forces/civil defense/police force then you need certified true copy.

3.  Birth certificate of your wards

4. If you are buying a flat under the multi-generation priority scheme or married child priority scheme

5. Student pass or letter from school/college/institute for persons who are 18 years old and above.

6.Income document for assessment

7. If you have applied for a flat under the parenthood priority scheme then you need Doctor’s certificate of pregnancy/or your child’s birth certificate.


In shorthand, we can say that for the application of  HDB BTO the certified translation services require because it delivers the authentic translation associated with laws that complete the govt official’s needs.

Is Singapore PR application document translation used to get the Singapore tourist visa?

Singapore tourist visa, it is a document that allows a period travel within a country, but don’t for business activity. As you know, the visa is associated with the request for permission to enter a territory. If you are wishing to enter another country then you must often apply in advance which is known as visa.  The modern visa may be a visa or stamp in the passport in the form of a sticker endorsed in the applicant’s passport or other travel documents. Singapore tourist visa will be in the form of a printout form(paper form). You need a printed copy while you visit Singapore. This tourist visa can use for visit family/friends or for tourism purposes. At the immigration, you need to present a visa copy along with passport and medical insurance document requires. If your necessary document is not as per Singapore officials then you require residential proof relatively documents like Singapore PR  application document translation for complete the ICA official’s needs. It can be used in electronic form or other.

Documents required for the Singapore tourist visa:

Here is the list of the following documents given below that are required for Singapore tourist visa

  • Singapore Tourist visa  application form 14
  • Original passport with min6 months validity from the date of travel
  • 3.5*4.5 passport size photograph
  • Medical insurance relatively document
  • Bank statement for the last  3 months
  • Personal covering letter explaining your travel
  • Flight tickets
  • Hotel reservation if  any

Singapore visa requirements:

  • Original passport with the minimum validity of 6 months
  • Proof of an employment (ID card copy HR letter payslip for last month, proof of  business registration certificate, memorandum article, partnership deeds GST certificate)
  • Updated 3-month bank statement
  • Address proof

Can Singapore tourist visa holders seek the job in Singapore?

Of course yes, the tourist visa holder can seek the job in Singapore but he/she would need to obtain a valid work pass to commence employment. But it is common for citizens who belong to a different country to apply for a job in Singapore.

What is the main reason for the Singapore tourist visa rejection?

The main reason of Singapore visa rejection is presenting an invalid or damaged passport. Before the application, you must sure that your passport is valid for  at the least six months from the date of return.


In summarise way we can say that the document of the person may be different -different for understanding the guidelines and apply for tourist visas and other govt work. In a foreign nation, all the identification related document might be well attested. If you are going to take benefits of such kind of services then you require certified translation services for your original passport, banking statement, or other before the apply. The certified translators have a special identity to deliver a well precise, authentic copy of the original document. Such kinds of translation is frequently necessary by govt agencies because it is fully certified by highly experienced experts who are associated with ICA.

Is the need to translate English to Chinese for getting a Letter of Invitation (V39A)form in Singapore?

If we introduce about V39A form(a letter of invitation) which is used for tourism purposes. Basically, it mentions of NRIC number. A Letter of Invitation (V39A), from Singapore contact with a mention of NRIC number, if the application is made for Tourism purpose. This form can be requested on the case basis. This letter must be completed by your Singapore citizen and Singapore PR holder when you apply. You should also need the photocopy of your sponsor’s Singapore identity card.If this is written in English and you want to it’s  translation into Chinese for understanding the guidelines of tourist visa then you need to translate English to Chinese of the necessary documents. But it should note that your sponsor age must be 21 year or the case of you are not able to furnish from local contact then you may approach your Embassy to issue LOI.

What are the steps of v39A form to complete it online?

   Here, are the following steps are given below

1. Utilize and sign online button or tick the preview of  the form

2. Enter your contact and official identification details

3. Apply the checkmark to indicate and contact details

4. Check all the fillable fields twice to ensure the accuracy

5.To add and create electronic signature use of sign tool.The electronic signature is used for certify.

6. Press the done after the finish the document

7.If you can share, print,save the document then now you can

8. If you need any kinds of support then you can

For editing the v39a form you can use SignNow’s comprehensive solution.  

Is a visa invitation letter need to be notarized?

before getting the translation you must sure that the translation provider company delivers you notarized certification or not. For visa relatively document the notarized certification is compulsory. It is very useful for complete the ICA official’s need. In near all cases, the govt office requires the letter of invitation be notarized by notary public. If deliver your translation with notarized certification then you will not need any kind of notarization or legalization.

Do I need an invitation letter for a business visa application?

Basically, the letter of invitation is used on the basis of level1 applicants. But it is a compulsory document for level2 applicants.

 Level1 :

 Service  passport, officials and diplomatic holder don’t need visa for entry[Armenia, Azerbaijan,Belarus]


If your document of traveling was issued the following regions[ Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh]

They will also need a temporary passport used by the United Arab Emirates, refugee travel documents, a Palestinian Authority passport.

Requirement to get a letter of invitation :

For getting the letter of invitation candidate must be a citizen or lawful resident  of the country where he/she plan for the visit,and also have registered home/flat or must be your friend, family member or

relative or boyfriend.


Additionally, we can say that the v39a form is essential you are going to take a visa like a business visa, tourist visa or other. So, before and after getting the services the communication is the main key for understanding the terms and guidelines. In this case, Notary public translation services are the most important choice because it includes accuracy, anonymity with affordability.   

Is Notary Public Translation Singapore Required To Drive In Singapore?

Excite to Drive in Singapore roads with other country driving license, simply you will require the necessary documents of the driving such as vehicle papers, RC, driving licenses and other identification relatively documents. If you are abroad country citizen and think to drive in Singapore then you must require the important paper that indicates citizenship as well as other vehicle’s relatively information. As you know Singapore country has an excellent public transport system. Before driving on Singapore roads you will need notary public translation to translate your driving document like insurance of the vehicle, driver information and others are not in English or Singapore officials then you should require notary public translation Singapore. The main motive of the notary is to administer oaths, affirmation, take affidavit and statutory declaration, witness and authenticate the documents. In other words, we can say that if you have a non-commercial document (birth certificate, driving license, college, and university mark sheet) and want to take the benefits of Singapore govt services or owning a business then you require to translate by a legally authorized person that is known as Notary public.

Why does notary public translation require for driving?

The needs of notary public translation in Singapore require in case you are going to take your car on rental services or hire a driver to drive your car then you require notary public translation to the agreement between driver and owner like salary, medical claim, and others. And also get a paper by witness holder with the signature of all witness holders. Alternatively, notary public translation requires when a person is involved in foreign litigations.

Is notary public translation extra charged?

NO, If you choose a certified translation firm for driving document translation then there is no extra charge of notary public translation. Before getting the notary public translation then firstly you should aware of the process of notary public translation. Basically, a flawless translation is accepted by ICA or legal authority that is classified into four steps as translation, certification, notarization, seal

Translation: Procedure to transform the source language into the target language.

Certification: Certificate of authenticity of the company. A certificate of translation is issued by the company.

Notarization: This task is done by the notary public that is appointed by legal authority.(only English version)

Seal: It includes the embossed corporate seal.

Can I drive without any legalized document?

It is too risky and punishable to drive in Singapore roads without having no proper documents of driving. Without having a proper document of identification, you will be fined a lot of amounts and got prison. In case of lost driving license then foreigners will still have to apply for their driving license translation at TP headquarters.

As a foreigner, you must have the following documents before drive-in Singapore

Valid driving license

Valid international driving license

Passport for identification

Vehicle registration and insurance documents

Travel insurance

Conclusion :

Additionally, to get the Singapore driving license you must require to pass the Singapore basic theory test and conversion of the document. If your document is not in English then you must transform it by language translation services.

Is Document Translation Services Essential For A Class 2B Driving License in Singapore?

A driving license is required to a person before the drive on the road without any description. To get the driving license in Singapore, document translation services play a vital role to complete the translation into desired languages.  A driving license is of the motorcycle which allows you to ride a bike up to 200 ccs, which is class2B. By getting the class 2b license, you can easily run your bike on Singapore roads. After the one year of completion of the class 2B license, you will be eligible for the Class 2A license. The class 2A license permits you to ride bikes of up to 400 cc. To drive all the bikes you require class 2 license/enrollment. After the gotten class 2A license you can enroll in the class 2 course.

Procedure to get a driving license:

For learning the driving in Singapore most of the citizens choose the private driving instructor because they are avails is the cheapest price. To get the driving license in Singapore, the minimum age to get the driving license is 18 years old. One point keeps in mind that 13 demerits points and above 1-year prohibition license is revoked.

To get the driving license in Singapore there are the following steps

-Pass the theory test at one of these centers

-Pass the riding theory test

-Pass the practical riding test

Where to get a driving license in Singapore?

   To get the riding theory and practical lesson and test. The list of the authorized driving center is as

1.Bukit Batok driving center (BBDC)

2.Comfort DelGro driving center (CDDC)

3.Singapore safety and driving school

Driving license syllabus

entire driving center follows the following syllabus

Theory lessons: Basic theory test+ Riding theory test. You need to attend theory classes whether you have already passed the test.

Practical lessons: Course in circuits(plank,salon,crank course,figure8,e-brank)  

Why conversion of driving license is mandatory?

If you are driving in a foreign nation without IDP (international driving permit) then you should require official translation in English. To convert a Singapore driving license the foreigner is required to pass the BTT(basic theory test) to well understand the rule and regulations of traffics and highways.

Additionally, if you are Singapore permanent resident and require to drive in Singapore then you must require the conversion of driving license. 

 How much time required for getting the driving license?

If you pass the traffic police test in the first attempt then the time needed approximately 3 to 6 months.

Can I ride a 400 cc bike on a car driving license?

Yes, if you have passed the basic test to get the full bike driving license. For 400 cc bike, you require a valid CBT certificate or full bike license category A certificate.  

What is the cost of a class 2B driving license in Singapore?

As per the survey of the authorized company the cost of class 2B driving license is $636. this is classified as theory practice: $29,BTT and FTT:$13, riding lessons-$281, Misc. costs-$115, Admin cost-$165,final traffic police test-$33.   


    Additionally, As a foreigner, if you apply for a convert class 2B driving license in Singapore then you must require the translation help for well understanding. So, in this case, the driving license translation are best to opt for getting the translation because it completes all the ICA official’s needs of driving.          

Why Document Translation Services Require To Getting Marriage In Singapore ?

The marriage certificate is an official statement approved by the legal authority that shows two people are married .All the marriage must be registered within the relevant registry that is legally valid.The document translation services breaks the communication barrier while they are newer in abroad country. For the couple who are not Singapore citizens or permanent residents at least one of the parties to the intended marriage must be physically in Singapore. As you know that Singapore’s solemnization services work on the first-come first-served basis. All the marriage performed in Singapore must be registered within the relevant registry in order to be legally valid. The closest MRT stations to ROM are bras Basah and city hall

Can Singapore or permanent residents get married to a foreigner?

Yes, If you are a Singapore citizen or permanent resident seeking to solemnize to foreign country girl/boy then you require to seek prior approval from the ministry of manpower or immigration relatively document. The approval of the ministry of manpower indicates that where does he/she work? In case the couple failed to show then the non-citizen may also be prevented from entering Singapore by the immigration department of a long time.

What is the Eligibility to get married?

Most of the citizens do not know about the criteria that have allotted for marriage. Before the marriage, it must be compulsory to meet the requirement. The couple who have their age 21 is eligible for marriage. The couple whose age between 16 to 21 are considered as minor then they must require a special marriage license to attend the top interview and marriage preparation workshop.

How can I apply for marriage as Singapore or other country citizens?

Basically, filling the notice of marriage, firstly couple decided on a solemnizer and obtain their written consent through a form. It may be a landlord to a religious person who has a unique identity. To Filing of notice of the marriage, the consent form is necessary to document.

How can I apply for a Notice of marriage?

As you know today’s digital era has made the work easier than before. If we discuss the notice of marriage that is an online process. To submit the notice of marriage couple must choose this platform. After the submission of the notice of the marriage, a couple can marry after the filing of the notice. The notice of the marriage is valid for approximately or equal to 3 months.

What kinds of Documents require for notice of marriage?

To document require for filling the notice of the marriage as
1.Credit card
2.NRIC /passport of bride, groom and 2 witnesses
3.Consent form signed by solemnizer

The completion of notice. The couple who want to marry gets an issued summary of the notice of marriage. The summary of the notice includes the document verification and statutory declaration.

What is the fee of civil marriage for citizens and permanent residents?

If you want to get the civil marriage cost in Singapore then the cost is approximately $SGD=42.00.This payment is upfront during the online application of marriage.


Document translation plays a vital role in the communication of the document of the marriage. To get marriage certificate translation in Singapore many translation services avails .That offer fast,flawless translation into various languages pairs.

Is Same Day Translation Services In Singapore Completes The Scholar’s Needs ?

As the name suggests same day translation services basically it is the procedure of delivering a translation job right on the same day of delivery. The need of same-day translation in Singapore you are surely in rush to submit the translation of your academic. Basically, it is often when you are alone in a foreign country and not have an idea to complete the academic translations like translation format, translation documentation and many more. The reason may be due to lack of English/other language proficiency, or some students want to relax they run away from work. and Another reason may be like students who are doing a part-time job or other jobs to maintain their economic situation. Due to the burden of work, they always seem helpless at the last moment. Finally, they are looking for is someone to take the burden of their translation in their shoulders. Same day translation requires high experienced translators who can serve quickly at the same time effective ways.

What are scholar’s needs before choose translation services?

  A scholar needs a translation that may be an incredibly comprehensive, specific knowledge of the field being discussed, frequently at a professional level. A university, research scholar always need complex and simple translation with high standard quality and extreme accuracy. This is very helpful for raise the position and very helpful the individual needs when it comes to information necessary for processing a request, transfer or admittance. The translators who recognize precisely what and how quickly you need to have it.

Where I can get urgent base/same day translation services?

As a digitally focused, a great demand for same-day translation requires in each sector like in business for meetings, employee contracts, and international organizational translation. All are need the urgent base high-quality translation that completes the needs. For choosing an urgent base /same day translation. You should go with a certified translation company that completes your needs with high accuracy and not compromise the time with quality.         

Is urgent base or same-day translation offer a notarized certificate with translation?

Yes, only a certified translation agency offers the notarized certificate with translation. Notarized translation certificate that has a unique identity to show you translation work at the official and non-official level. But, one thing always keeps in mind that the standards quality and extremely high accuracy oriented translation is passed by the notary public. After the investigation, he/she issue a certificate with a seal. This certificate is valid for all govt and non-govt works.


    As you know for international communication is not possible except the translation. It may be for business meetings, academic, and others. As a fast-evolving translation service, translation services Singapore is offering same-day translation services which are very useful for clients’ requirements on a same-day basis. However, we are in order to deliver translation assistance online. Our instant translation services in Singapore are not only for official documents but also applicable for personal documents. Our experts are always available whenever you need translation help in Singapore.    

Can Singapore license drive in Malaysia?

Off course yes, If you are Singaporean citizen and going to overseas to settle the driving business or plan to drive in Malaysia then you must take driving license translation services in Singapore to well aware about the driving rule and regulation governing auto purchase import and being licensed and driving in the country because it is very important before the jumping on the fray of Malaysia highways. You should require an international driving permit (IDP) that can minimize convenience where English is not spoken.

To drive in Malaysia, many hiring companies require a full driver’s license with photo with no endorsement. If your domestic driving license is not in English i.e. international driving license and international driving permits, or an official translation in English then you must require the certified translation of your driving documents.

Rule and regulation of driving license in Malaysia

Driving license: international driving permits and international driving license permits up to 90 days only. After 90 days you must require a Malaysian driving license. The foreign country driving license holder can drive in this country is still valid and accompanied by the translation in Malay or English(if the license language differs from English or Malay language). The translation is confirmed by the embassy of the country or driving license issuing authority. However, if you are driving for a long time then you must require to convert class D car license and class B2/B motorcycle license.

How can I convert my driving license?

If you are  Singaporean citizens and thinking about a drive-in Malaysia then you would need either international driving permit(short term drive) or Singapore driving license into Malaysian one(long-time driving with registration card). For long term residents, who wish to convert their driving license then the embassy can assist your original copy of the driving license.

Is it is possible to drive without an international driving permit to drive all countries?

The driver who has valid driving license cards and not has international driving permits is valid in such Asian countries as Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines. But, in the United Kingdom, paper photo cards and photo cards both are compulsory for driving. The photo card indicates the complete identification of the driver.

 For a long time driving an international driving permit or an official translation of driving license is required.

Procedure of Conversion  foreign driving license:

1.Pass the basic theory test.

2.Apply for conversion

   (i)Original copy of your passport and NRIC/entry permission employment pass/work permit.

  (ii) Foreign valid license copy

 (iii)One passport size photograph

(iv) Processing fee $ 50(payment by cash card and NETS only)

(v) Foreign driving is not in English then official translation through a certified translation agency

(vi)Your driving record

Steps for Conversion of driving license as Singapore citizen

  • Your driving test passing date
  • Date of the issue your foreign driving license
  • Class of license obtained
  • Your driving record


In the shortest ways, if you are a Singaporean citizen who wants to drive in Malaysia then the option to use international driving permits issued by a country that allows you in Malaysia road entries and others. At Singapore translators, our official translation experts advise you to choose driving license translation to avoid any problem with Malaysian govt officials and authorities. Here, high experienced translator’s avails to complete your driving license needs with notarized stamp. That is valid for all official and non-official works.        

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