Tips for choose trustworthy certified translation services provider among other.

A certified translation work provides legal records. If you are a newbie or others who are looking for certified translation services in Singapore and across the globe. Then you have lots of questions like which translation services are best? How much the cost of translation? Which is the most trustable translation company in Singapore and many more? In today’s digital world it is possible to search about translation help providers without any hiccup that is the best considering the ration of quality and price.

Here is some point they may be very helpful before the translation work

  • Make sure you clearly explain the nature of translation and your needs.
  • Write the specification by listing of your services need
  • Make sure services provider details
  • Browse their website further to find out as possible about them like what do they do and their team and qualifications and many more if they claim to be a member of relevant association, such as the ITI (the institute of translation and interpreting) and check details on ITI portal to make sure this is the case.
  • Find out the translators and their work and their communities.
  • Make sure that your translation work is free any mistakes
  • The working area of the translators in the native language.
  • Make sure your contact details on the site are present.

Certified translation services  and its importance

A certified translation means that a translation help provider has issued a signed statement declaring that the translation that has been done is an accurate and true representation of the original document. The certified translation has important role especially if you are going to do any legal work like marriage certificate translation, driving license translation, medical report translation and many more

Certified translation services vs Notarized translation services

In Certified translation services, the translation documents along with their attested copy certifying that all detailed statement is true, accurate and complete the person who translated the document is fluent in the language of the document and English. The certified translation is provided by the language service provider company. On the other hand, notarized translation

Notarized translation services are more of the official procedure and less quality control. It includes a notary which is a government authorized stamp that signs on the translation. All the educational related documents are mostly notarized.

Which is better among certified translation and a notarized translation?

 Today Singapore citizenship and Immigration Services require certified along with notarized translation but currently, they have rules and made certified notification authentic. 


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